2022 Capital Campaign


Dear Friends in Christ,

Our church building, at its best, is a "toolbox".

It is here that we discover and develop the "tools" that we need in order to do ministry in our community and to do faith in our world.

And, so, when we talk about our church building, we are talking about something more than a place with four walls and a roof. It's not just a building...it's a household of faith. In fact, many of us were taught that the Church is "God's House" on earth. Yet not just so that God can stay inside...rather, it's a house where God gathers with God's people, to turn them towards the world that needs them.

And our church building is a treasure that we are called to care and steward, just like we care for and steward our homes. A carpenter wouldn't show up on the job without a hammer and screws; a teacher wouldn't begin his class without a lesson plan; a doctor doesn't go to work without her stethoscope. These are the tools that these professionals need to do their jobs. And our church building - this place that is our church home - is the toolbox through which God equips us to do ministry in the world, to Love God + Love Others.

Thanks to your wonderful generosity and belief in our mission, an important milestone is upon us - our elevator is almost complete! And now, it is time to update our building that has served us well - and that has a lot of life left in it!

To bring about the new life our "toolbox" requires, we need your help, and so we are asking for pledges of gifts you can give toward our building between now and the end of the year.

Thank you for all the ways you give to our mission and vision. We are Grounded in Faith - and Growing to Serve. All we do and strive to do comes from our deep-rooted faith, and all we do is in hopes to better serve the Lord. You are the tools through which God touches lives.

In Peace and Joy,

Pastor Connie Thomson

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