Music ministry

The River Rising Band

At River of Grace, music is important! We have a band made of very real people ... the kind you'd see at the grocery store, across the conference room, at the playground, dropping their kids off at school, or struggling trying to make their printer connect to the internet -- just like you. They are also great musicians. They open our worship services with music and invite us to sing several songs each Sunday that get us praising and thinking about a God bigger than we have thought about during the week. They help us unite all of our voices into one. And they're good. You'll like them!

Why does music matter in church, anyway?

From Bach to Coldplay, from Boston to Hillsong, from Matthew West to Johnny Cash ... music has brought people together through ages and through generations. We sing when the spoken word isn't enough, and we sing to get to a place in our hearts where words alone might only scratch the surface.

As such, people have been singing in their language of faith all through history. The book of Psalms (if you open a Bible to roughly the middle, there it is!) might look like poetry, but it was actually a set of songs for worshiping communities long before the time of Jesus. People didn't have hymnals or song books, so they memorized the words of those and those words have become encouragements, hope, and strength even still, three and four thousand years later.

We won't ask you to memorize music, though don't be surprised if you find yourself tapping your foot and humming a melody later in the week because you remember it from church service. Come on out and join us for worship, and let the music of the people minister to your heart.

River Rising band

"Everlasting God" (cover)

Here is another creative cover put together by the members of our church band! Enjoy and God Bless!!


River Rising Band

"Raise a Hallelujah"

Enjoy this Zoom inspired song put together by the talented members of our worship band! Social distancing cant stop the music!!!


River Rising Band

Playing "Down to the River"