Ministry Teams

There are so many ways in which you can become involved with River of Grace! Please consider sharing your gifts and talents by serving on one of our Ministry Teams.

Read through the description for each team and choose the one that best fits your talents. 

Worship Team

This team is responsible for working with the pastor to enhance the worship life of the congregation.

  1. Pray regularly for the worship life of River of Grace.
  2. Prepare communion elements and worship candles for worship service and clean the chalice and tray after worship. 
  3. Serve as the Altar Guild, being aware of the seasons of the church year to help people more fully enter each season.
  4. Plan for decorating of the sanctuary for Easter and Christmas
  5. Organize, train, and thank people who serve as ushers, greeters, readers, etc.
  6. Ensure the Nursery Ministry is covered each week for children ages 0-5
  7. Oversee the acolytes
  8. River Rising Band

welcome team

This team is responsible for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the community.

  1. Pray regularly that our ministry makes a difference in the lives of people whom we have not yet met.
  2. Train and encourage congregational members to actively communicate their faith in their daily lives.
  3. Share worship and ministry invitations with the community via Church Sign, Advertisements, Facebook, etc.
  4. Serve at the Welcome Table, ensuring our guests and our church members receive a heart-felt welcome.
  5. Plan for brochures, flyers, or welcome gifts to be given to first-time visitors.
  6. Mail notes of welcome to each worship guest on Monday following worship.
  7. Remind the congregation of the importance of welcome visitors to our events. 

CHildren and YOuth team

This team organizes all events associated with children and youth, incorporating learning, service, and fellowship.

  1. Pray regularly for the children and youth ministries of River of Grace.
  2. Plan and organize events for our social groups, GodSquad and Four12@TheRiver.
  3. Plan and lead education classes: Sunday's Cool, Youth Bible Study, Confirmation Class
  4. Plan and organize Vacation Bible School.

Adult education team

This team organizes adult education opportunities, such as Adult Bible Study and Bread & Books.

  1. Pray regularly for the adult ministries and interactions of River of Grace.
  2. Plan the adult learning ministries, such as Sunday Morning Bible Study, Tuesday Evening Bible Study, and Bread & Books Book Club.
  3. Organize the social events for Women's Group and Men's Group.

fellowship, events, congregational care team

This group organizes congregational gatherings and social groups, such as OWL's, Men's Group, and Women's Group.

  1. Plan and organize congregational fellowship events, such as First Sunday Potlucks, Holy Grounds, Easter Brunch, Christmas Eve Dinner.
  2. Plan congregational outings, such as hiking, kayaking, movie night, etc.
  3. Develop and lead the Congregational Prayer Chain.

COmmunity outreach and care team

This team organizes charitable and outreach events in the community.

  1. Pray regularly for the people of River of Grace and the broader community, specifically our engagement with one another.
  2. Organize outreach events, such as serving meals at area shelters, collecting donations for various groups, and blood drives.
  3. Plan ways in which River of Grace can be involved with the needs of the community several times a year.

Stewardship and Finance team

This team organizes and oversees the financial life of River of Grace.

  • Stewardship education and programming:
  1. Pray regularly for the stewardship of the congregation.
  2. Organize the Annual Stewardship Drive each fall.
  3. Plan quarterly Temple Talks during worship to teach how offerings make a difference.
  4. Send thank you notes throughout the year to remind people that their giving matters.
  • Managing the financial health of the congregation:
  1. Pray regularly for the people who give and for the overall finances of River of Grace.
  2. Prepare Annual Budgets to be used for communicating with the congregation.
  3. Monitor the finances.
  4. Organize Counters for the weekly offering.
  5. Regularly communicate the financial life of River of Grace to the Pastor and the Council.
  6. Prepare monthly Income and Expense Reports and an Annual I&E and Balance Sheet for the congregational meeting.


communications team

This team is responsible for church news and events.

  1. Pray regularly for the connection and involvement of people through various media.
  2. Send a weekly email newsletter, GraceNotes, to the congregation.
  3. Regularly update the website.
  4. Keep the River of Grace and the River of Grace-ers Facebook pages up to date.

building and grounds team

This team is responsible for maintaining and beautifying the building and grounds of River of Grace.

  1. Pray regularly for the health, safety, and hospitality of the building and grounds. 
  2. Hold monthly meetings to complete simple repairs around the building.
  3. Maintain the appliances, such as HVAC, refrigerator, oven, etc.
  4. Promote and host quarterly or bi-annually Work Days in which the members of River of Grace clean the property and conduct larger maintenance and repair projects.
  5. Oversee the Elevator Team.

Fundraising Team

This team schedules and organizes fundraising events for River of Grace.